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The Journey

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

In loving memory of our friends, family, and mentors:

Hartmut and Gerda Von Jeetze, Founding Co-workers, Camphill Minnesota, Sauk Center part of an international movement of social-therapeutic communities sharing life and work with people with developmental challenges on Biodynamic farms in Scotland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. There are over 100 Camphill communities worldwide.

Jan Zuzalak, Co-worker, Camphill Minnesota, Sauk Center, MN.

Helen Zipperlen, Camphill Co-worker, Kimberton Hills, PA

Ruth Zinnaker, co-farmer at the first Biodynamic family farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Martina and Christopher Mann, founders of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, East Troy, WI

Nina Dietzel, daughter of Dennis and Maryanne Dietzel, Philadelphia Community Farm co-founder family, and friends.

Margret and Russell Kragnes, Verna's parents, Farmers of the Year and active participants in community life in the Glyndon-Felton-Dilworth area of Clay County, MN, and daughter Joann Kragnes Jones.

Dick and Elda Hall, Rick's parents, Co-founders of the Polar Drive-In, Fargo, ND. Entrepreneurs and humanitarians in ND, MN, and Fla.

Jeanne M. and Alfred Wiger. --Artist and therapist and Lutheran Pastor pioneered therapeutic communities in Minnesota and counseled many individuals back to emotional health and productive lives at Wiger Woods, Eagan, Stillwater, and Wiger Wilderness, Height of Land Lake.

Don and Lore Rasmussen, Internationally known mathematics educators and humanitarians. Founders of the Philadelphia Teacher Center and Learning Centers Project, School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; Lore, author of Miquon Math Series; Don, co-author of the SRA Basic Reading Series. Parents of 3 mathematics educators, authors, and publishers in California and Nova Scotia.

Doña Nicolasa Padilla deChoudens, school cook, entrepreneur and humanitarian, and sons Rigoberto and Victor, Patillas, PR.

Doña Ana Morales, Patillas, PR;

Doña Felicita Gonzales, Las Parcelas, Patillas, PR.

Doña Maria Rivera, Barranquitas, PR.

And the many friends and co-workers still living in Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Blessings to all.

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