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New Roots In a New Home

You can help New Roots, a cooperative of New American farmers, find a permanent home and land for emerging farmers to make a living. PRAIRIE is launching a $500,000 campaign to help hardworking New Roots farmers realize their dreams of running an agricultural enterprise to support their families.


You can buy an acre (or ten!) or even arrange a low interest loan to help a farmer secure land to build a future. With the help of generous supporters like you, we’ve already raised $134,000 toward our $500,000 goal. 


















New Roots is an incubator farm experience accompanied by orientation, intermittent continuous training, coaching on biodynamic farming, and instruction with translation as needed. New Roots farmers

  • Build skills as farmers, mentors, and coop members

  • Share new crops and agricultural practices with other farmers

  • Build confidence as members of the community

  • Support their families

  • Learn biodynamic, regenerative/sustainable farming practices

  • Conduct research to learn more about crops, markets, and farming practices

Successful New Roots farmers are bringing others into the community and mentoring new farmers as they grow and learn.

Your investment in land and training for New Roots farmers is an investment in the community giving emerging farmers meaningful work and a way to contribute to the local economy. 


Give today - any amount will help - or contact PRAIRIE about making a two-year loan to support a new generation of hardworking, sustainable farmers in the Red River Valley.


New Home for New Roots 

You can help New Roots, a cooperative of

disadvantaged farmers, including many New Americans, find a permanent home and land for emerging farmers to make a living.

The cost of land and the challenges of starting a new venture are simply too great.





Make a gift

or learn about making a loan toward the $500,000 goal that will help a hardworking New Roots farmer realize her dream of running a viable agricultural enterprise to support his or her family. 

Go to

 and give today!

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